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Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce or Separation?

What is the right answer for you? Divorce or "legal separation"? Read more.

Grounds for Divorce

Georgia is still a fault-based divorce state, but there is also a 13th ground called irreconcilable differences, Georgia's equivalent of a no-fault grounds. Read more.

Issue #1: Child Custody

Most divorces have 4 issues: (1) child custody, (2) child support, (3) alimony and (4) division of property and debts. Child custody involves issues of "legal custody," "physical custody" and "visitation." Read more.

Issue #2: Child Support

Normally one parent will owe some amount of child support to the other, even if you have a "joint physical" (50/50) custody situation. Read more.

Issue #3: Alimony (Spousal Support)

Georgia law allows you to seek alimony from your spouse. But there is an exception and there are few guidelines. Read more.

Issue #4: Division of Property & Debts

Georgia law says that marital property and debts shall be "equitably" divided. But what is "marital"? And what is "equitable"? Read more.