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Divorce Attorney In Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

Technically speaking, divorce is a legal proceeding in which an authority, such as a judge, legally terminates a marriage and assigns the parties their status of ‘single’ once again, allowing them to legally marry someone else, if they so choose. However, divorce is often a complex process of untangling and separating lives that have become very intertwined through the years. Divorce can be emotional, involved, and sometimes challenging. An experienced divorce attorney can assist you with the necessary steps to handle the wide assortment of affairs that are often involved, from dealing with spousal support and child custody, child support, distribution of property, and the division of debt. In the Richmond Hill, GA area, families turn to Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. to handle all their family law and divorce matters. Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. is your family law attorney in Richmond Hill, GA, Savannah, GA, or wherever you need him in our great state.

Division of assets may fall under either of the two following distribution schemes decided by the court: ‘community property’ or ‘equitable distribution.’ In a community property distribution both parties equally own all money earned by either, no matter who acquired it. And with equitable distribution the assets are divided ‘fairly’ but not always equally. There are issues to consider such as whether the divorce is classified as a ‘fault divorce’ or a ‘no-fault divorce,’ which pertains to issues of marital misconduct or other statutory causes for a legal termination of the marriage. Obviously, an uncontested divorce is the easiest to navigate but even with an uncontested divorce there are still a myriad of issues that the parties must negotiate and finalize in order to separate their lives personally and financially. And the most important issue of all, dealing with the care and support of the children, involves a great deal of management, from considering who will be the primary caregiver, who will pay child support and how much, etc. There are a vast number of issues that must be dealt with and a divorce attorney can walk you through the entire process, assisting you with every issue, and relieving a great deal of the stress. Whether you are in the Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA area or a nearby county, Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. has the experience you’ll want on your side if you are about to embark on a divorce proceeding with all the connecting issues that you’ll have to deal with. Contact Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. for a consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney In Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

Criminal defense law can pertain to minor offenses, misdemeanors, or serious federal crimes. People sometimes make mistakes, and while they may be immediately remorseful, the court may not always be forgiving. Other times, completely innocent people are falsely accused or charged with a crime that they did not commit. In either case, if you are being investigated for a crime or have already been charged, you’ll want to hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney immediately. In Richmond Hill, Savannah, GA and across the state, the attorney you can trust is Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. will work with you from the beginning, from your very first fact-finding consultation all the way through your trial, if a trial is necessary. In some cases, Attorney Randolph may be able to work with the prosecution to reduce your charges, or possibly even have your case dismissed or help you avoid conviction if you agree to a court-sponsored program, make restitution to the victim, etc. There are always options, and certainly no one is guaranteed of any outcome, as it is ultimately up to the court to decide, but a savvy criminal defense attorney can almost always help you broker a much better deal, whether it is a reduction of fines, reduction of jail time, avoidance of conviction, acquittal, or other. From your first consultation, through our thorough investigatory process utilizing skilled state investigators who will interview police and witnesses, gather evidence, etc., we will build the best defense possible to protect your rights and your freedom. If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA area, or surrounding counties, contact us today!

Wills, Trusts, Estates, And Probate | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

No one knows when their time will come, but it is always better to be prepared. When someone passes away without a will, a situation referred to as ‘intestate,’ they are essentially allowing the courts to decide what happens to their estate, how their assets are distributed, and to whom. A wills attorney can assist you with the planning of your estate and prepare a will that will be the blueprint for all that happens after you pass away.

Imagine that hard-earned financial security that it took you a lifetime to amass being suddenly contested by a party and being awarded to an individual you would not have chosen. When you pass away without a will, you are risking a lot. It’s important to plan ahead and thus ensure that your family is taken care of, and that every asset is distributed to whom you desire, as you wish, and when you wish. If a will is in place, once it is validated the courts will generally abide by it. As an experienced wills attorney and estate planning attorney in Richmond Hill, GA and Savannah, GA, Tyler Lee Randolph P.C can help you set up trusts, manage your estate, prepare for probate, and everything else that is necessary to protect your assets and prepare for that day that one can predict.

Probate is the regulated legal process via which someone’s estate is carefully distributed to heirs and beneficiaries, after they pass away. Additionally, any outstanding debt owed to creditors is also paid off during the probate process and probate property is distributed in accordance with the decedent’s last will and testament, if one exists. And again, if no will exists then the court will decide and state laws will be followed. A probate attorney in Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA can guide you through the steps and explain how it will go, and of course, help you make an estate plan that will help everything to run smoothly in the future. Don’t take a chance with your family’s future, contact Tyler Lee Randolph P.C., your wills attorney in Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA.

Domestic And Family Law Attorney In Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

Personal Injury Attorney In Richmond Hill, GA/Savannah, GA | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.Injuries happen every moment of the day around the world. People slip and fall, get hit by cars, cut themselves, and more. Many times, the injury they sustain is due to someone else’s negligence. There are a million ways you could be injured, and whether your injury is minor or severe, if another party is at fault, you should not have to shoulder the responsibility, the costs, or the suffering. Perhaps you had a hospital stay and were injured, many medical malpractice suits are brought every year by people who suffered an injury due to the actions of a negligent doctor or healthcare worker. A Domestic And Family Law attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you’re in Richmond Hill or Savannah or another part of our beautiful state, Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. is the Domestic And Family Law attorney people turn to when they want to ensure their rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Rest assured, insurance companies will often take every opportunity, work every angle, to deny you the compensation you deserve; don’t let them get the upper hand. Call Tyler Lee Randolph today.

Our team will relentlessly pursue every fact, every detail, and build a case so formidable that insurance companies often see no option other than to deliver the settlement we seek for you. We know the system, and we understand all the strategies that insurance companies use, the loopholes they pursue, every tactic they might try—to reduce their responsibility of compensating you, or even shirking their responsibility altogether.

Personal injuries can amount to tremendous financial burden from temporary lost wages, or worse—the end of your career if you can no longer function after your injury. Medical bills could pile up quickly, especially if your injury is long term, or possibly lifetime. Don’t risk your future, and don’t put your financial security in the hands of insurance companies who seek to pay you the least amount possible. Call us if you’ve been injured and let us get to work fighting for you right away.

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Business Formation, Litigation, Transactions | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

Business Formation, Litigation, Transactions | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.Whether you are a small mom and pop business or a major global corporation, every business needs legal protection and guidance. When you need a business formation attorney or a litigation and transactions attorney in Richmond Hill, GA, Savannah, GA, or another area in our great state, you can count on the knowledge and experience of Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. Attorney Randolph has over two decades of intensive legal experience and there is perhaps no attorney in Georgia better prepared to help you plan, guide, and protect your business or company, whether you’re a startup or an established company with a trusted reputation in the community. Whatever your business needs – from litigation preparation and support, to complex business transactions – Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. has handled it successfully for many satisfied clients, and he can help you too. Call Tyler Lee Randolph P.C. and let us be your auxiliary support. Keep your business moving forward and stay ahead of your competition; contact us for a business consultation to learn about the many ways we can help you succeed.

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Military Law | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.

Military Law | Tyler Lee Randolph P.C.If you are an active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, or retired military, and are facing a current or an upcoming military law issue, you need an experienced military law attorney. You need an attorney who not only understands the laws and regulations, but someone who can truly identify with you. As a graduate of West Point, and a 20-year veteran with combat experience, Tyler Lee Randolph understands the responsibility that comes with wearing the uniform.

Military law deals with all the legal structures that pertain to military personnel. From service member conduct during training or while on active duty, to the security and protection of military spouses, and returning to civilian life after a tour is complete, there are a wide range of areas that could require legal support. When you have a military legal issue to contend with, don’t go it alone, contact Tyler Lee Randolph P.C., veteran, lawyer, and a friend to you who will fight for your rights.

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